Retail Cube

If you would like to open a shop and are considering a container as a temporary solution, they can be placed and opened up at one spot but easily shifted and rebuilt at another location. It is a versatile solution that can be used at many different locations and for all kinds of events such as fairs or sport events, folk festivals, or concerts. You may also decide on a retail container – or even an arrangement of several containers- to create a permanent base for your shop. In this case you would definitely have an innovative and unique design which will make you stand out from the crowd big time– and all on an efficient, cost effective base.

Cafe Cube

A café container- coffee shop- cool and innovative, modern and trendy. A young design concept for an old idea – something traditional with a new approach. (A spot to relax, in a location to relax.) If you have a location we can give you the design or we can work together, taking your ideas and wishes and help find the perfect location to open your café. Whether that’s a quiet place tucked away or close to the beach where people will pass by thirsty and hungry after a swim, or at a more busy spot next to a main road, where rush hour traffic goes passed for a take away coffee or muffin, a café container could be the perfect thing to offer. The Interior design can be limited to one container that can hold a small kitchen and coffee counter or be extended to a combination of more than one container which could additionally offer seating, a toilet etc.

Lounge Cube

A Container to chill out and relax. With the right design concept and colour scheme, the right choice of adequate furniture and technical equipment, this room can be transformed into a space that will feel like your “Home away from Home”. Alternately the container could become a public space that offers people a well designed ambience to relax and chill, to have meetings, to have a conversation, to feel inspired, to celebrate, party or to just feel good.

Bach Cube

Your own 4 walls- used as a bach during holiday season only or as a permanent home designed with your wishes in mind and all the luxuries that you need to live well. We can also modify multiple containers to create a more holistic kind of home. By modifying and converting the containers we can achieve modular, efficient spaces. Your “bach cube” will be made in our factory and will arrive all ready and built in detail at its destination. Our containers are in many respects a great building material as they are strong, long lasting, stackable, moveable, modular and it is no problem to get one. Our designs can include 20ft or 40ft container, one level or multiple storey buildings which will be modified to create cost effective and innovative solutions.

Storage Cube

Here the container will be equipped with any kind of storage solutions - shelves right up to the ceiling, custom made cabinetry or drawer cabinets. We promise you will be thrilled by the extra amount of storage space you will have gained and the space a shipping container can offer once you fit it out the right way. If it is for storage of sails, other sports or outdoor equipment, storage of household or office products, we are sure to find the perfect storage solution that maximises the space.

Sailing Cube

The Sailing container could be anything that involves sailing and is additionally needed in the yachting industry, from office space, space for technical equipment, lounge or kitchen, storage or simply for display purposes. It may be a slightly amended container design like the ones previously mentionned or a very different design, customized to your very own needs.

Workshop Cube

We have a lot of experience in designing workshop containers. Sailing teams from all around the world have approached us to develop concepts and create well working designs for moveable workshops. These containers usually include everything you need in a workshop, from workbenches and cabinetry, drawer cabinets and storage space, to well thought through air conditioning, lighting and technical supplies.

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