Individual Container Fit out

Pcube stands for innovative design. The invention of the shipping container. Changing the function. The art of construction. Professional workmanship. Creative modification and alteration. Attention to detail, proposals for solutions for functional conversions. Reasonable storage facilities. Design follows function. The finished product: workshop container, storage container, café, beach bar, store and shop, lounge or bach- always amenable to adventure. The basis is grand expertise and passion, profound knowledge and vision, team work- against the background of boat building, metal construction, timber construction, interior design and a professional sailing career. A perfect foil to create the container YOU want, for your own personal use… simply CUSTOM CONTAINER SOLUTIONS…


Storage Container for Mini Maxi Class

  • 40ft steel High Cube double door container
  • ceiling insulated and cladded with plywood
  • centred ceiling lights recessed
  • side walls cladded with white plywood
  • full length sailshelves on one side
  • box storage shelves on other side
  • 100/220V power converter
  • storage space for scissor lift

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